About US

Sally Darragh, CFO of Healthy Shots 4 You

I am a Chartered Accountant and mother of five children with a passion for health, exercise and paying it forward. My husband is a former professional surf ironman, so you can see our family is completely hooked on health and fitness. As is common with most people in today’s busy world, I have suffered from bloating and other digestive issues as an adult.  I know that I am not alone. I was introduced to Sappe Aloe Vera juice by a dear friend of mine who benefited from this drink and had the dream of launching it to the mainstream Australian market.

When I was approached to join the team I had to really think about what I wanted my involvement to be.  I am a busy mother so in order for me to get involved in the business I really needed to believe in the product and in the core values of Healthy Shots 4 You. The first test was whether the product tasted good. Regardless of the benefits, I knew most people would not drink a juice that didn’t taste good. I was pleasantly surprised with the taste so that ticked the first box. The next test was determining if Sappe Aloe Vera juice actually worked. It was time for a health challenge. Drinking a bottle of Sappe Aloe Vera juice a day I found my digestive issues improved rapidly. I loved it. The final test was research, and I was pleased to see so many studies published in reputable journals. With the business set up to donate 10% of total sales to charity, I knew I wanted to join the team and make a positive contribution to society.  I am now a happy part of the HSFY team, an advocate of Sappe Aloe Vera juice and happy to be the current face of HSFY.

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.  I would love to hear from you.


About Healthy Shots

Healthy Shots 4 You was established to provide nutritional products for everyday Australians. We are passionate about health and well being, and have sourced products that are beneficial for everyone! From the elite athlete, to little kids, to our older Australians, our products will bring out the best in all.

We know that every Australian strives for a great quality of life. Therefore we look for products that are packed full of quality ingredients, vitamins and minerals, amino acids…. basically we are trying to provide you with a nutritious, delicious product minus the gag factor! As a lucky Australian, you shouldn’t have to sacrifice taste for health and nutrition.

We are there for you, and there for others. Healthy Shots gives the first ten percent of all sales back to a charitable organisation.  You can be confident when you purchase one of our products you are giving back to others.  Pay it forward.

We are committed to helping people be the healthiest they can be – inside and out!