Healthy Shots 4 Me

One fateful winter, I had to escape the cold of Sydney and was traveling around the world seeking warmth, enlightenment, and trying my best to enjoy waaaaaay too many delicacies.  I was supposed to be relaxing and having the time of my life, but do you think I was having fun?

Absolutely not!  I was B L O A T E D.  It felt like I turned into a puffer fish overnight.  Do you know that feeling?  The dreaded bloat and the sluggish digestion and the overall bad feeling that comes with it…ugh.

I happened to be in a supermarket and saw a bottle of Sappe Aloe Vera juice.   I remembered a naturopath once told me that drinking Aloe Vera juice regularly would help me with digestive issues and general well being.

My Grandma used to sell Aloe Vera  juice back in the day and all I could remember was the horrible smell and taste of it.  There was no way I wanted to drink that – but I was desperate!  I picked up a bottle of Sappe Aloe Vera juice and decided it couldn’t hurt.

Imagine my delight when, not only did it alleviate my symptoms and get rid of the bloat – it also tasted great.  I drank a bottle every day for the rest of my holiday and had no further symptoms.

Upon returning to Australia, I tried desperately to find Sappe Aloe Vera juice or any other high quality aloe vera juice that would give me the same benefits and have the same great taste – when I realized there was just nothing available.  It was then that decided  I had to find a way to get a high quality, good tasting Aloe Vera juice into Australia – not only for myself, but for countless others who would benefit from it.